Kick it...with Boots - A Streetrock Football Compilation ___________(german version)

Germany welcomes all soccer fanatics 2006 for the football world-championship ...and of course the underground will also welcome them in their own special way..!

20 Bands salute you and recorded new and mostly exclusive songs about soccer and whats all around the game! Songs about famous players, the fun of beeing a part of the, hooligans and lots of action around the arenas, cause:

"This is the Summer of Hate!!!"

20 Songs performed in english and german from the best streetrock, hardcore, punk and oi bands! Newcomer and well-known acts like with hymns, that will get you satisfied!
Football ist not only a game - it's a part of their life!

01. Toxpack (WM 06 - Germany 5 : England 1),
02. Volxsturm (Unser Tag),
03. Down the Drain (Beer & Football & Hate),
04. Towerblocks (For the Good of the Game),
05. 7er Jungs (Strassenkrieg/ Pub Invasion),
06. Dödelhaie (Golfhooligans),
07. Drop out Chaos (Länderspiel),
08. Roimungstrupp (Wieder Weltmeister),
09. Warfare (Violent Supporters),
10. Pöbel & Gesocks (1:0 für Hoyzer),
11. Eight Balls (Hamburger Jungs),
12. Cotzraiz (FC Cotzrock),
13. Emscherkurve77 (Günter Netzer),
14. Wiens No1 (Derbytag)
15. Mummy's Darlings (Auswärtsspiel) ,
16. Rüpels Royal (Zebrastreifen),
17. Urban Rejects (Summer of Hate) ,
18. C.O.R. (Körpereinsatz),
19. Vindicator (On and On),
20. Bootstroke (Hooligans)

Kick it with Boots - A Streetrock Football Compilation!

Available in stores since 30.01.2006!!!

Sunny Bastards would like to thank all bands, who are on this great compilation!